years old Software Developer from Buenos Aires, Argentina pursuing a degree in Software Engineering

Professional Interests

My professional interests range from writing complex, time critical algorithms to architectural design of enterprise systems. As long as there's a focus on writing code I'll be eager to get the job done, especially if the final product is meaningful to the community and not just a handful of people. Be it web, desktop, back-end or even mobile, I love learning new frameworks and technologies.

Personal Interests

Travelling -especially abroad- is by far the activity that I enjoy the most. When not coding, I play computer games, make (and drink!) espresso and read. I also love all things planes and I'm considering starting flying lessons some time in the near future.


Working since 2012 for a local software development startup, BarloventoTech. I constantly earn experience in every phase of the development process: from design to implementation, I have responsibilty on every step of our major products. I also had a successful 3 months long technical internship at Google Canada on 2014. Before that, I was a technical translator and reviewer for the GNOME Spanish localization team, and did minor developments for school and small companies from my town.

I'm also proud of having been a Google Code-In 2012 grand prize winner.

Open Source

Passionate about Open Source, I actively use, promote and contribute to it. Some of the projects I contributed to, such as GNOME, Fedora, and Chromium, are used by millions of people around the globe. Introduced from very early to a *nix environment, I feel very comfortable working in a completely free environment, and pushing code to existing open codebases.


From browsers to space…

GNOME localization team

My first real open source contribution, I translated many developer documents into Spanish. Additionally, I also translated some mainstream applications that are part of the default selection for Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian, and more distros. I learnt responsibility, the importance of teamwork, and overall FLOSS life cycle in this stage of my career.


I started working on IsItFedoraRuby as a Google Code-In student. I added internationalization support, cleaned the codebase, implemented a continuous integration system, and increased efficiency and reliability on the site, eventually being granted committer access.


As part of a three month long internship at Google, I worked on Ash, ChromiumOS shell, particularly an exposé-like feature called Overview Mode. I didn't stop at that, though, going the extra mile to solve all the challenges I could, in an environment already known for being challenging.

It was probably the most rewarding experience in life - if knowing that my manager trusted me to deliver code which would reach millions of people is not fulfilling, I don't know what is.

Projects for school

During high school, I developed a few projects to help my school. One of them was a wiki page and a system to store the location of companies willing to offer co-ops and match them to students who lived nearby. It might not sound impressive today (the system was in Visual Basic!), but I was 15 by then :)

The Megaverse

While I haven't actually committed much to the Megaverse, a project by my former GCI mentor that simulates a distributed universe that you can see in an HTML5 client, those were some of the most complicated patches I made. Even the smallest contributions required a good deal of understanding of a complex stack which ranged from server event processing and RPC calls to linear algebra, shaders and graphics. Also, by far the most fun project - who doesn't like space?

Ruby on Rails tutorial

I prepared a tutorial for the 2013 CISL, giving a talk for an international audience in Buenos Aires (sorry, it's in Spanish).

DOTA2 Timer app

I'm currently developing a small app for the Pebble Smartwatch. It's the first project I tackle entirely on my own, from development to marketing.


If you think I'm missing the chance to work on something amazing, have a cool idea to share, or just want to reach out to me, drop me an email (nsatragno@gmail .com) - I'll be glad to read it.